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Baltimore Ghosts


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Hell & High Water in Harborland: Forging and American City



People are attracted to Baltimore for the entertainment, delectable seafood, and beautiful historical buildings. Although, don’t let this cheerful façade fool you, what lies beneath the old city streets will intrigue and frighten you. Baltimore Ghosts tour will take you down dimly lit streets discovering the horrific history the city holds tight to.

Baltimore’s rich history and beautiful neighborhoods came with a price. Unearth, where soldiers from both sides fell in the gruesome battle of 1812. Many of these vengeful spirits still reside in the narrow houses, inns, and everyday structures that line the cobblestone streets. Do not be surprised if you feel a chill down your spine on our Baltimore Ghosts tour. Traces of the sacrifices that were made remain in this haunted city.

The Charm City is no stranger to heartbreak and tragedy as contagious plagues have ravaged the town’s history. Spirits that succumbed to this painful death have remained close to home, attempting to cling on to the life they lost. Perhaps you may see the ghostly figure of a woman who only comes out when the moon shines through the windows. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of the mysterious faceless girl.

Stand in the gaze of Edgar Allen Poe’s ghost as you walk through one of the oldest ports in the country. Baltimore’s Fells Point boasts a wealth of grim tales and hauntings that have built up over hundreds of years of riotous history.


Baltimore is said to have more spirits per mile than any other city in the United States. Our ghost tour will take you around Fells Point. Originally founded as a center for shipbuilding and a central trading depot during the Revolutionary War, it became a magnet for nefarious characters of all kinds, from the wicked to the downright evil. Pirates, wealthy aristocrats, and soldiers that met their demise still roam these historic streets. When you hear the dreadful stories of the ghouls of Fells Point, you’ll be looking over your shoulder before you step into any dockside bar.

Much like all of the original colonies, early days in Baltimore were plagued with dirty drinking water and stagnant pools of sewage. Combine that with narrow houses and close living quarters; an outbreak is bound to happen. The Yellow Fever was introduced in the 1800s. The horrid disease spread like wildfire, with many died an agonizing death alone in the tiny boarding rooms above today’s lively pubs.

Edgar Allen Poe’s mysterious death still haunts the streets of Baltimore to this day. Whether you believe he was murdered or not, his tragic life resulted in his spirit still being bound to this world. All manner of hauntings has been felt, heard, and seen in Fells Point. Baltimore Ghosts will take you on a journey discovering the famous and infamous ghosts whose stories shaped the nation. The city surrenders all her secrets on our haunted walking tour. Join us to hear all the gruesome details, the human heartbreak, and the haunting spirits of Fells Point.


Baltimore Ghosts will take you through 8-12 different sites around the Fells Point area, each one ratcheting up the ghostly tension. Meet your experienced tour guide by 130 Tremont St. at least 15 minutes before your tour’s scheduled departure time. The standard tour takes about an hour and walks you through several landmark locations in the area. If you select the extended tour, you will get another 30 minutes of chilling stories and historical facts!

This tour is perfect for first-time visitors to Baltimore and seasoned locals alike!

The Baltimore Ghosts walking route is a great way to see the amazing sites of Fells Point while also getting your fill of the ghostly atmosphere of the city’s most haunted locations.

This is a family-friendly attraction, so bring everyone—your kids, friends, or a date—to Baltimore Ghosts! We’ll make sure that you have an informative, memorable, and slightly terrifying night, all starting at $19 per person. Keep in mind that tours fill up quickly, so reserve your spot early through our website.


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