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Group Tours Are The Best

Nothing stops Baltimore Ghosts from exposing the horrid histories that litter the dark cobbled streets of Fells Point. Tours set out just after sundown, as the narrow streets on the route darken early, the true tales of the Baltimore Ghosts come out in the capable hands of your knowledgeable local guides. 

Hear the dramatic tales of lives ruined from disease to infamous historical figures that may not be so distant. All manners of tragedy started and ended on the Baltimore docks, stories of ghosts that fester from a life that was stolen from them.

Baltimore Ghosts will entertain, thrill, shock, and disturb. All in just over half a mile of walking. The charming cobblestoned streets have witnessed hundreds of years of human drama, tragedy, and death. The constant vibrant life of a port has been a location for so much emotion and adventure. Many that came to Baltimore looking for a new life instead fell victim to the vultures and charlatans of Fells Point. The port was too busy to care; new people and ships arrived day and night, brimming with new victims and goods from across the Atlantic. These tales left permanent scars on the city that have since been forgotten. 

Fells Point has a legion of spirits and fascinating historical tales brought to life on Baltimore Ghost tours. Uncover the surprising history and shocking stories that lurk under the charming route around this neighborhood. We can guarantee your guide will entertain you. Be aware; you may feel a hand on your shoulder or the cold breath of a victim of the Yellow Fever.


Brittany Blanchard

Review Rating
December 04, 2022

Wonderful ghost tour with John!! He shared so many spooky stories and was so informative about Balti...

Tim Maher

Review Rating
December 04, 2022

John was very knowledgeable about the history and events in and around fellspoint. Very glad we had ...

shea leinenwever

Review Rating
December 04, 2022

It was very good!! Very informational!! I liked it a lot!! Very well worth it!!