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Baltimore has layers of history on every corner. Your tour route has been carefully selected to give you not only a thrilling insight into the hauntings that infest Baltimore but a rich and immersive history of this seafaring city.

In just under a mile of walking, you will see the key sites of historical hauntings in Baltimore. Our passionate guides will share real-life stories of the most authentic ghost stories gathered from extensive research. Our stories are torn directly from the history books but reveal a hidden, more sinister side to the bright and beautiful town. 

Join us tonight; when the moon is out and the shadows lengthen, spirits and ghouls come out of the cracks to haunt the cobbled streets. The ghosts of Baltimore encompass every aspect of human suffering. From the tragic life of Edgar Allen Poe to the lost souls of children searching for their dead parents. Thousands of victims that perished from deadly diseases still suffer in eternal agony. Baltimore Ghosts leaves no shortage of terrifying and historical stories to keep you up at night. 

What can I expect on my tour?

Fell Family Cemetery 

Wedged tight between two rows of houses, blink, and you’ll miss this burial ground hiding in plain sight. The last remaining grave from the Bond Cemetery hosts the Fell Family, founders of the neighborhood. They lay rest where blood, sweat, and tears were poured into making the town what it is today. 

The Horse You Came in On Saloon

One of the oldest continuously running bars in the country. This unassuming bar was the place where famous poet Edgar Allen Poe had his last drink before his death. His ghost can still be seen wandering the streets around the pub. 

Alexander Thompson House – Extended tour exclusive

A patriot who went too far, wealthy ship owner Alexander Thompson leaped at the chance to take to high seas as a privateer. His ambition launched a bloody rampage across the Caribbean. Governments hunted the man for the crimes he committed as a privateer. His spirit is not yet at peace as he still roams the streets between his home and the docks.